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Pigeon Green Notebooks

July 28, 2009

While at work yesterday, I was pondering ways to re-use the pile of printouts I made last week but no longer need. I came up with a couple of ideas so will give you the first one today (its real simple!) and the second one later on.

Pigeon Green Notebooks

Pigeon Green Notebooks

Pigeon Green Notebooks

Pigeon Green Notebooks












Ok, so first you need a wee pile of paper you no longer need, you know the stuff, printouts, wrapping paper, notepaper, etc. Go through the pile and find the bits that have one clean or plain side. You won’t find the double sided prints so useful here, but save them for project 2 later. Taking each piece of paper, fold it in half so the blank or unused side is on the outside. Once you have folded each piece, put them in a pile so all the folded edges are on the same side. Take a stapler and staple the open edges together. Hey presto – your very own Pigeon Green Notebook. If you want to be even more eco-friendly, use the office hole-punch instead of a stapler and tie the pages together with anything you can find – food bag tie from your lunch, piece of string, that hairband you broke this morning. Anything you can find to give it a second use. If you can use something that is normally a one use only thing then you get brownie points from me.

If you like this idea, send me a comment with a picture of your Pigeon Green Notebooks!

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