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Pigeon Green Pens

July 29, 2009

Ok, so remember that pile of paper you kept from the notebook project yesterday? Well, here is how you can make use of it. This time you will be using the non-plain, double sided printout paper, magazine pages, etc. You will also need any broken pens you have lying about – by broken, I mean that the plastic casing has snapped or some other unlucky fate has befallen your poor pen. Grab up the pens and take out the ink nibs. You can also do this to bring back to life broken pencils and crayons, but I kinda prefer the whole pen angle.

Now, we will be wrapping the paper around the pen, so it needs to be  about the same length as the ink nib. You may choose to wrap it tidily (i.e. with the pen lining up to the edge of the paper), or untidily (with the middle of the pen lining up with the corner of the paper. As this is an eco-project, we want to avoid glue if possible so go for the cheap, natural solution. Take a piece of paper to the bathroom and run it under the tap so it is soaked through. Then, come back your desk and lay it flat. Put the pen nib either in parallel with the paper or over a corner of the page and begin rolling the paper around the pen. Be careful on two points here – one, the paper is wet so could tear if you don’t take your time; two, be sure to roll the paper around the pen nib as tightly as possible, pressing the paper together as you roll. This will help to seal the paper as it dries. If you have a spare elastic band lying about, you may also want to tie this around the pen as it dries to ensure it sticks together properly. 

I have made a few of these and on occasion, the whole water as glue thing hasn’t been as long lasting as I would like, so if you find the same thing for your pens, my tip is to decorate the outer seam with a tiny sticker, or if you want to go glam that piece of ribbon you saved from your last gift-wrapped present.  

Speaking of gift-wrappings, I’ll be back a little later on with a wee idea of how to save money, paper and time with some completely funky, one of a kind gift wrapping suggestions.

As always, if you like this idea, please leave me a reply comment and show me pictures of your Pigeon Green Pens!

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