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Eco-Friendly eBay…

August 6, 2009

I have decided to sell a bunch of items on eBay in preparation for the slow demise of my old arthritic Mac. I have had my loveable little iBook for many years now, but despite numerous trips to the ‘hospital’ to get new parts and updates, the poor wee thing is now on its last legs. As with any tech, instead of buying new updated gadgets every year I always try to fix them and update them for as long as I can, one to save money (new gadget buys are always expensive) and two to reduce the amount of unnecessary gadget death I leave behind in my wake. My TV is still the same one I had 12 years ago that has a VCR built in, and still works perfectly for me.

Now, when it comes to computers, I’m a little picky…”I’m a Mac” as the adverts say. My brain simply does not work with PCs and I can’t find anything without the Spotlight feature, so because of this I want to grab myself a nice new laptop from their range. Laptops are pretty much the only tech I won’t buy as re-purposed items as I take my laptop everywhere with me so I need it to be sturdy and flawless from the get-go. Saying this tho, I am trying to be as green as possible when it comes to actually buying the thing. Now Macs are pretty expensive little beasts, so to green up my buying experience and take the edge off the cost, I am having a good old clear out of all my household items that I no longer need via the genius that is eBay. 

I was quite excited when I sold my first item in a matter of minutes of placing the item for sale, so I immediately got to work re-purposing my stack of paper and envelopes and packaging items to parcel it up for my lucky first customer. You may remember reading about the Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap a few posts ago. Well I decided to wrap the item I sold in a similar way, using tissue paper I had saved from the last time I bought a few cups for the house. Then, using the same magazine as I used for the Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap, I cut up the front cover to make a wee Thank You for Your Purchase card. I had a few old padded envelopes lying around, so to re-use these I simply took a piece of scrap paper and taped it over the front of the envelope and then wrote the new address for sending the item to on that. I took some pics for you guys, so feel free to use this idea yourself to green the way you send your post…


Eco-Friendly eBay

Eco-Friendly eBay

Eco-Friendly eBay

Eco-Friendly eBay









As always, if you like this idea, send me a wee reply or photo via the comments section.

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  1. penelopeny permalink
    August 8, 2009 4:49 am

    ebay is great for this sort of thing….not surprised that you got a buyer within minutes…there are millions of people out there, and many shop on ebay (ecofriendly is popular too)

    • August 8, 2009 5:15 am

      I have definitely found that out this week – I sold a second item today really quickly, its such a great little service and you are right, its brilliant for eco-friendly folk! I just found out that you can buy and print your postage labels from the eBay site too, which means I can make recycled paper stamps using recycled ink! I am so addicted to selling on eBay now! 🙂

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